A few more up the coast to Canada…

I have just posted some more pictures from our travels up the Oregon Coast to Washington and beyond! take a look and let me know what you think…

500px Photo ID: 172532455 - Lighthouse at Heceta Head near Arch Cape Oregon

Heceta Lighthouse, Oregon by Mike-Hope

Thanks for taking a look and hope you like the photos’s…


Pixlr First Look!!

I was just trying this app on my cell phone and found it to be really comprehensive, easy to use and fun!! It will do all the basics, like cropping, resizing, rotating etc., and then has loads of fun stuff like filters, effects, overlays, collage, text and more… I really like it so far and is one of the better ones out there for real editing on the go.

Here is a photo edited in Pixlr


This one was taken at the San Juan Capistrano Mission on the weekend and edited with the phone app. It is fast and fun and FREE!!!

Hope you like it and check out Pixlr too…



Natural History Revisited

Hi all,

I was just going through some photos of London and thought this one could do with a little rework using a Lightroom filter I found from Presetpro. I applied the filter then tweaked it a little to bring out some highlights in the colors. I think it gives more pop to the photo…

NAT HIST by Mike-Hope

Natural History Museum by Mike-Hope

Let me know what you think…

Thanks for taking a look,


Sunny with Showers!!

I just posted this work on a Sunflower to Fineart America and thought you might like to take a look. It was shot during late afternoon as the sun was coming through the window. I used a background layer work and placed a wet layer image over the front to give the water drop effect from Smart Photo. Hope you like it!


Sunny with Showers  by Mike-Hope

Sunny with Showers by Mike-Hope


Thanks for taking a look…


Bridge to Darkness…

Just playing around with some older pics and turned this late summer photo into an autumn “Bridge to Darkness”, slightly surreal look picture. I think it leads you into a foreboding scene where only you imagination can hint at what you might find!!!

Bridge to Darkness by Mike-HopeBridge to Darkness by Mike-Hope

Hope you like it, let me know where it might lead?

Thanks for taking a look,



Bugatti Veyron 258 MPH Super Sport

Just happened to catch this beautiful “one of eight” Bugatti-Veyron, 258 MPH,Super Sport 300, 16.4, 1,200 bhp, 7,993 cc DOHC 64-valve intercooled W-16 engine with four turbochargers!! 7 speed dual clutch to boot!! Sold recently by Sotheby’s for $2,310,000.

If you’d like a test drive let me know!!! 🙂

Thanks for taking a look…




Waiting for the Surf

A shot on windy day on Redondo Beach looking toward Torrance Beach into the sun, lots of spray and surf…

Waiting for the Surf

Waiting for the Surf by Mike Hope

I’ll be looking out for some more dramatic shots when the weather gets rough. I’m still pushing the Sony A7rii and this weekend I’m hoping to put the 24-240mm lens through it’s paces. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Hope you like it!


Stormy Day in Redondo Harbor

Stormy Redondo Harbor by Mike-Hope

Stormy Redondo Harbor by Mike-Hope

A very wet and windy day in Redondo Beach. Rushed down to the pier to get some quick shots. It was really quite dramatic with waves breaking over the rocks and wind howling through the wires on the railings. Quite dramatic. It was a lot of fun but the wind had a cutting edge to it and I did not have a jacket, so as soon as my camera battery ran out so did I!! Hope you like the picture…

Thanks for taking a look,