Instagram like filters and a bit of Tilt-shift!

So, on checking around a bit I found this very informative page on Instagram type filters that you can apply to your regular photos. Most are FREE and don’t require a subscription. they are web based and easy to use.  Here is the link, try them out and have some fun…




Oh! and while I was doing that I came across this Tilt-Shift site and thought I’d give that a try too. Gives a sort of “Toy Town” effect and is a lot less expensive that buying a Tilt-Shift lens!!! $800-$2,000 bucks!! Here is one I tried it out on earlier. I took this at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent from the top of the tower. You can just upload your image apply the effect and Voilà…


Tilt-Shift at Sissinghurst

Tilt-Shift at Sissinghurst by Mike Hope

Let me know what you think and try out the filters!!

Mike Hope