The Japanese Tea Rooms

I was out and about at the amazing Huntington Gardens and Huntington Library a couple of weeks ago. It is a fascinating display, both in the mansion and grounds. A truly magnificent collection of plants, trees, cacti, succulents and shrubs from around the globe. The grounds are so well put together and some the fine collections have been well maintained and cared for over many years, allowing the gardens to mature in a veritable paradise! I took a couple of photos while there and would like to add a few to this page, so you get a feel for the beauty and history which embodies Huntington Gardens…

Japanese Tea Room 3 by Mike-Hope

The Japanese Tea Rooms by Mike-Hope 

Japanese Tea Room by Mike-Hope

Japanese Tea Rooms 2 by Mike-Hope

Japanese Tea Room 2 by Mike-Hope

Japanese Tea Rooms 3 by Mike-Hope

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A Manhattan sort of evening!

A Manhattan, New York evening shot from Brooklyn as the sun went down and a 50’s filter was used to give this an old time feeling. This was shot from a high rise in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the 27th floor through double pain glass so there is a little double reflection an some areas. Hope you like it!

A New York sort of Evening by Mike-Hope

A Manhattan sort of Evening by Mike-Hope

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I am an artist because…

Very good article!! “Just get it done”

Cristian Mihai

There’s a part of me that believes art to be a primordial aspect of the human condition. Art inspires, art is a way of achieving greatness, of building a better world. Art turns strangers into friends. Without art, without artists, we wouldn’t be ourselves anymore.

Because I feel that within the confines of any artistic form of expression, we allow ourselves to wear a mask. The artist hides behind words or paints or brushes. And he feels safe. He can be anyone he wants to be. His freedom is limitless. And he plays this bizarre game of hide and seek with the rest of the world, constantly changing the rules, until he decides – maybe on a mere subconscious level – to  be himself, thinking that people will never find out.

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Golden Water Lily -South Coast Botanical

Out this afternoon in the stunning Palos Verdes Botanical Gardens. I’ll post some more photos when I have a chance to check them out. Definitely worth a visit!!

500px Photo ID: 266119751 – Water lily just caught with the sun straight on it like a spot light. In the Palos Verdes botanical gardens this afternoon…


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Redondo Beach Home Sales for May 2018

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Here are the Redondo Beach Home Sales for May 2018. Prices are still edging upward and the low inventory added to the strong sales for May. To find out more on how the market is moving call Cecily Lee on (310) 990-4857 or visit Cecily’s web site at

Redondo Beach Spring 17 by Mike-Hope


May 2018 Townhome sales in our neighborhood

220 S Prospect
1541 3 2.5 1980 $727,000 17 —- 05/09/18
106 S Lucia Av #5 1540 2 3 1983 $850,000 19 11,711 05/01/18
108 S
Irena Av #E
1638 2 3 1982 $855,000 14 12,510 05/18/18
228 S
Irena Av #A
1429 2 2.5 1980 $858,000 9 12,268 05/04/18
110 S
Guadalupe Av
1596 3 3 1983 $940,000 8 14,813 05/01/18
Anita St #B
2392 4 3.5 1999 $1,231,000 140 5,386 05/02/18
Helberta Av #A
1970 3 3 2006 $1,250,000 7 5,872 05/08/18
Guadalupe Av #A
2220 4 3 2011 $1,335,000 65 8,709 05/23/18


May 2018 Single Family homes sales in our neighborhood

617 Beryl St 808 2 1 1948 $880,000 28 2,905 05/21/18
Emerald St
720 2 1 1926 $893,000 7 2,815 05/17/18
N.Maria Av
2075 3 2 1985 $1,499,000 6 8,368 05/11/18
S Irena Av
1930 3 3 1922 $1,747,000 8 5,862 05/01/18

Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Cecily Lee, Redondo Beach Realtor, Redondo Beach Homes for Sale and Redondo Beach CA Real Estate


Wisborough Green – Austin A35

Taken on the way through Wisborough Green in West Sussex, UK, on Monday this week. The owner of the Van, Ralph Restorations, was renovating the telephone box in the background. The vehicle is a 1960’s Austin A35. The owner restores telephone boxes as well as old items of street furniture, such as petrol pumps and Royal Mail post boxes. He told me when the telephone box was restored it would be as shiny as new, similar to the photo from his web site below. I said I would check it out next time I was over that way. Perhaps I’d see him again over a pint in the Three Crowns Pub just down the street

500px Photo ID: 261953523 - Taken on the way through Wisborough Green in West Sussex. The owner of the Van, Ralphs Restorations, was renovating the call box in the background. The vehicle is a 1960's Austin A35

Ralph Restoration – A35 1960’s Austin Van by Mike-Hope



This is an example of what the restored Telephone Box should look like (Ralph Restorations web site).



What better place to finish up than, The Three Crowns Wisborough Green…


The Three Crowns Pub Wisborough Green by Mike-Hope

See you there…