Gourmet Grindz Launches New Web Site!!

My good friend Marianne Brooks of Gourmet Grindz has just launched her new web site. If you are looking for gourmet coffee at your business or event then Gourmet Grindz is the place for you. Check out the site!! 

A Gourmet Coffee Service at Your Business

“It’s about time! When’s the last time you had to offer a client a stale cup of coffee? How much company time do your employees waste every day at the local coffee house for a cup of gourmet coffee? What does the lost time and productivity cost your business?

You don’t have to sacrifice time and taste anymore! Now you can offer your clients and employees specialty beverage and gourmet coffee service from a state-of-the-art super automatic espresso machine at little or no cost to your business”.

Easy to Use & Nothing to Lose!

Now you can try our flavored gourmet coffee service without obligation. Find out if you qualify for a FREE trial.

And remember, our flavored gourmet coffee service:

· Impresses clients
· Generates revenue
· Increases productivity
· Saves money
· Delights clients and employees

Take a look and see how Gourmet Grindz can help your business today!!

Fresh, flavored gourmet coffee is just a phone call away. Call 310.658.1942
or email info@gourmetgrindz.com for more information today.