Bridge to Darkness…

Just playing around with some older pics and turned this late summer photo into an autumn “Bridge to Darkness”, slightly surreal look picture. I think it leads you into a foreboding scene where only you imagination can hint at what you might find!!!

Bridge to Darkness by Mike-HopeBridge to Darkness by Mike-Hope

Hope you like it, let me know where it might lead?

Thanks for taking a look,



Petworth House Under Grey Sky

Hi all,

This is a photograph I thought you might like that I took of Petworth house approaching from an old cart track towards an old giant tree. There are two figures in the distance approaching the house. It is late afternoon and the clouds were beginning to gather. It just had that moody effect and classic english country side feel. It reminds me of famous painting but I’m still trying to find it. The grounds were designed by Capability Brown. J. W Turner and Anthony Van Dyck used to hang out there, amongst others, so I am sure one of them painted a similar scene… Let me know if you have any ideas!

Petworth House Grey Sky by Mike Hope

 Petworth House by Mike Hope

I got a really nice reply from Gustavo Moniz Ferreira who saw my photo on 500px and did a little research on a painting I shot displayed at the above  Petworth House. He found out that the painting of the table (below) is called “Gulliver Presented to the Queen of Brobdignag” and the author is Charles Robert Leslie. The picture was painted in 1834/35 and has the dimensions of 100 x 123 cm.

“Gulliver Presented to the Queen of Brobdignag” painted by Charles Robert Leslie. Photo by Mike-Hope


Thanks again for taking a look,

Mike Hope

Smeaton’s Tower, Plymouth UK – Mike Hope

Smeatons Tower by Mike Hope
DSCF7230, a photo by Mike-Hope on Flickr.

A shot of Smeaton’s Tower taken on my recent trip to England. Such great memories of Plymouth!! The Hoe is realy something, with fantastic views out accross Plymouth Sound and Drake’s Island. Really Worth a visit if you are in Devon or travelling further South West to Cornwall.

Thanks for taking a look,

Mike Hope

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