Out and About with Sony A7Rii

Just started testing the Sony A7rii with Canon 40mm and other Canon L series lenses. One thing I love about this little lens, apart from the price, is the sharpness and quality. On the Sony A7rii when I zoom in to crop there is still so much clarity. Also, there is very little chromatic aberration with this one. Not sure if I can get a lens hood but this is sure to be a new walk around. I don’t know if it’s just me but the angle appears to be more along a 24 to 35mm on this Sony. I’ll have to do some comparisons and let you know…

A Pier Two by Mike-Hope

 A Pier Two by Mike-Hope


Kubrick Exhibition

Stanley Krubick from Exhibit Photo - Mike HopeKubrick Exhibit Mike-HopeSinatra photo by Kubrick - Mike Hope2001Cam-7942Kubrick 2001Movie Cam-Mike Hope2001Cam-7896
2001Cam-7895EOS-M Dr Stranglelove -Mike Hope2001Cam-78862001Cam-78842001 Kubrick Exhibit - Mike HopeShelly Winters from Lolita
Directors Chair - Mike HopeKubrick Movie Posters Mike HopeFull Metal Jacket - Stanley Kubrick Exhibit PhotoCamera A Stanley Kubrick - Mike HopeFull Metal Jacket ClapClip Mike HopeClock Work Orange Naked Lady Mike Hope
Clock Work Orange Clapper Board - Mike HopeDave 2001 Embryo Model - Mike HopeA.I. AndroidRobot Sketch from Artificial Intellligence Mike-HopeShelly Winters Dress Rehersal-Lolita Mike-HopeStanley Kubrick Photo Stacked Mike-Hope

Kubrick , a set on taken by Mike Hope on Flickr.

Hi All,

I thought you might enjoy some photos I took at the Kubrick exhibition, LACMA, in Los Angeles. These were all taken with the Canon EOS-M, hand held, at the Kubrick exhibition LACMA Museum in Los Angeles. These were all low light no flash, using 22mm f/2 prime. So far I have not been able to do this with the SLR. And so portable too. Don’t even know you have it with you!!  Hope you like the slide show:-)

Mike Hope

Smeaton’s Tower, Plymouth UK – Mike Hope

Smeatons Tower by Mike Hope
DSCF7230, a photo by Mike-Hope on Flickr.

A shot of Smeaton’s Tower taken on my recent trip to England. Such great memories of Plymouth!! The Hoe is realy something, with fantastic views out accross Plymouth Sound and Drake’s Island. Really Worth a visit if you are in Devon or travelling further South West to Cornwall.

Thanks for taking a look,

Mike Hope

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