Vasquez Rocks – Aqua Dulce

Had a great trip out to Vasquez Rocks near Aqua Dulce last weekend. It was late afternoon but managed to get a few shots before the sun went down. It is definitely worth a trip.


Vasquez Rocks Vista by Mike-Hope


Vasquez Rocks  by Mike-Hope


Vasquez Rocks Sundown by Mike-Hope


Vasquez Rocks Sundown 2 by Mike-Hope


Vasquez Rocks Cloud Formation- by Mike-Hope


Vasquez Rocks Last light by Mike-Hope

Also, just down the road there is a Farm Sanctuary where you can visit for an hour or two and find out some very interesting, and sometimes disturbing, facts about the animals and how they arrived at the sanctuary. Definitely worth a visit and the folks at the sanctuary really do a great job in caring and looking after the animals.

Thanks for taking a look and have a great day out!!




Mike Hope Photo Site New Look!

Hi All,

I recently changed the look to my photo web site I think you might enjoy it!! Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think. I am taking more shots with the Canon 6D and 24 – 105mm lens as well as the Canon EOS-M, which is great for quick shots on the go. I am really liking the 6D and am going to take a few more shots with the 40mm pancake. This is a fun lens for portrait and DOF shots. Real sharp for a great price too!! Anyway nuff for now, and let me know what you think of the new site!

Mike Hope Photo Site

Mike Hope Photo Site

Hope you like the photos!!

Mike Hope

Sun-up at the Grand Canyon

As I mentioned the Grand Canyon in my last post I thought I’d upload a picture I took from the rim early one morning just as the sun was rising (sounds like a song coming on). I am just getting the feel for some slow shutter speed work, long exsposure and bracketing. This was pretty low light and zoomed using the 24mm – 105mm Canon L series.  I took three shots at different exposures and then overlayed in post to give it dimension. I will keep practicing and the next shoot will be down by the ocean at Abalone Cove.

Sun up at Grand Canyon Mike-Hope by Mike Hope

Sun up at Grand Canyon Mike-Hope

Thanks for stopping by,

Mike Hope

Shane Knight’s Fine Art Photography

On a recent trip to the awe inspiring Grand Canyon we stopped off in the City of Flagstaff, Arizona. A really eclectic city with great people and history. On our wanderings we came accross a fascinating gallery set up in the old jail house.

Old Jail House Flagstaff Mike-Hope by Mike Hope

The gallery was that of Shane Knight, a renowned fine-art photographer of the surrounding areas and beyond.  We discocvered all this through the gallery admistrator Michelle, a wonderfull lady who was truley a pleasure to meet.  Shane Knight’s work is truley inspiring.  His works on horses and wild lanscapes are breathtaking and really have to be seen to be appreciated!  You can see the hard work, joy and exhilaration that goes into each shot.  I personally found this chance visit one of the highlights of our Grand Canyon stop and am seriously considering a major buy!  There is some wonderful professional fine-art photography here. (mostly film and no Photoshop) as depicted on a  motto in the window display posted on and old large format plate camera (maybe a Gandolphi I am not sure).  Perhaps someone can put me straight on this one.  Anyway, the gallery is doted with great photographic curiosities and artifacts as well as old cameras, not to mention the fantastic photography!  What’s more it is located in an old historic jail house that still has bars on the windows, brick walls and prisoner graffiti from 1914.

If you are there please check it out, it’s awsome!! The Gallery is located at:

Shane Knight Photography
5 East Aspen Avenue
Flagstaff, AZ 86001