Palos Verdes and Beyond

I posted this great view from the top of Palos Verdes above the La Venta Inn. It was a little overcast but the shot came out super sharp with the Sony SEL 24-240mm lens. Really impressed with the quality this gives even hand held. This was a hand held shot taken on the Sony A7RII. If you can zoom in to 100% you can see the fine details. You can actually see the new SoFi Stadium in the distance.

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Century Park Towers in Black & White by Mike-Hope

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Hope you have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!!! 

I just posted this one on 500px and thought you might like to take a look! It is the two towers at Century Park where the Annenberg Space for photography has some great exhibits, currently Country: Portraits of an American Sound. It really is worth a visit and is always free!! Can’t beat that… I took this photo while looking up on a sunny and clear afternoon. Then I used some post black and white filters to give it the dramatic effect.

Towers by Mike-Hope

Towers by Mike-Hope

Thank you again for taking a look!! and Happy 4th!!


Helmut Newton at the Annenberg Space

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This is a pretty interesting exhibit of some “more than revolutionary” fashion photography!! This is the first exhibition of Helmut Newton’s work outside of gallery shows in Los Angeles. This display features pictures from his first three books “White WomenSleepless Nights and Big Nudes:

Helmut Newton - Women in Saddle

Helmut Newton – Women in Saddle

On till Sunday, September 8th. It’s free and a dollar for parking!! That’ll make me go!! Be warned some photos are not for the kids. Maybe the title gives it away – If you haven’t been you gotta go!!!

Annenberg Space
Helmut Newton Photography Exhibit – 
thanks for taking a look… Mike Hope

Full Metal Jacket ClapClip Mike Hope

I just uploaded this one to flickr. A picture taken of a Clapper Board for the Full Metal Jacket Movie on show at the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at the LACMA LA. It was taken hand held with the Canon EOS-M 22mm with a 40% crop of the original.Thanks for stopping by to take a look.

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2001 Kubrick Exhibit – Mike Hope

2001 Kubrick Exhibit by Mike-Hope
2001 Kubrick Exhibit, a photo by Mike-Hope on Flickr.

This picture I took of a mock up set of one of the final scenes from the 2001 Space Oddessy movie. It was a set that was up high in the exhibition hall in dark surroundings. I took this with the hand held Canon EOS-M with the 22mm lens. I think it is quite effective and gives a feel of real size space and time. Maybe the idea. It’s not what you see, it’s what you think you see!!

Mike Hope

Canon EOS-M Dr. Stranglelove – Mike Hope

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I thought you might find this photo interesting. I took this at the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA in Los Angeles. This was taken into a small model of the command Center for the Dr. Strangelove movie. I took this hand held with the Canon EOS-M, 22mm lens, in very low light with no IS.  Slight Lightroom adjustment to bring out the maps.  So far I am having fun with the camera!!

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