Peace One Day – live from Wembley Stadium – September 21st!!

Hi All,

Check out Peace One Day live from Wembley Stadium on YouTube. September 21st, 2012.

Peace One Day is delighted that Elton John will be headlining the event on Peace Day 21 September, which also features performances from James Morrison and 2CELLOS, at Wembley Arena London. Introductions will be made by Peace One Day Ambassador Jude Law, Lily Cole and I, with special contributions from around the world.

If you can’t be there be part of it!! check it out on YouTube!



Peace One Day

Peace for a Day!! 21st of September, 2011. Be somewhere on that day and just try to attend one of the events. You can learn more at Peace One Day

Please check out the site. This could save lives all around the globe. Together we can make a difference! twit it, Facebook it, pass it around!!