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The Amazing Huntington Gardens Desert DispalyCactii on the Hill 220 By Mike Hope

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A Manhattan sort of evening!

A Manhattan, New York evening shot from Brooklyn as the sun went down and a 50’s filter was used to give this an old time feeling. This was shot from a high rise in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the 27th floor through double pain glass so there is a little double reflection an some areas. Hope you like it!

A New York sort of Evening by Mike-Hope

A Manhattan sort of Evening by Mike-Hope

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Mike-Hope New Site on VSCO

Hi all, take a look at this new site from VSCO I have posted some fun pics from my cell phone processed with VSCO film filters to give them that old film look. VSCO FILM actually makes professional filters for Lightroom “The gold standard of digital film emulation for Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw.” which I still have to try!! I have downloaded a free pack so I will let you know… I have also started a b&w upload and beach journal of a different take on the beach… It’s fun and it’s free. So if yo have an iPhone or android and enjoy photography you should really give it a go…


Mike-Hope on VSCO

Mike-Hope on VSCO

Mike Hope’s Photo Web Has a New Look!

Hi everyone,

I have just finished saving a new look for my 500px photo site and thought you might like to take a look. I think it has a much raunchier look to it and I particularly like the background effects that come on from random photos. Let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by…

Mike Hope Photos

PS. this is still in Beta so it may have some quirks. Hope you like it.

Mike Hope