A Manhattan sort of evening!

A Manhattan, New York evening shot from Brooklyn as the sun went down and a 50’s filter was used to give this an old time feeling. This was shot from a high rise in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the 27th floor through double pain glass so there is a little double reflection an some areas. Hope you like it!

A New York sort of Evening by Mike-Hope

A Manhattan sort of Evening by Mike-Hope

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Old Analog Santa Monica Pier

This is a photo I took at Santa Monica Pier (see original below) and then re-worked to give an analog black and white vintage effect in TopazLabs.

Analog Pier by Vida Mike-Hope

Analog on the Pier by Mike-Hope

This is the original photo shot into the sun.


Original unprocessed photo

if you’d like to know more just let me know…

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Pixlr First Look!!

I was just trying this app on my cell phone and found it to be really comprehensive, easy to use and fun!! It will do all the basics, like cropping, resizing, rotating etc., and then has loads of fun stuff like filters, effects, overlays, collage, text and more… I really like it so far and is one of the better ones out there for real editing on the go.

Here is a photo edited in Pixlr


This one was taken at the San Juan Capistrano Mission on the weekend and edited with the phone app. It is fast and fun and FREE!!!

Hope you like it and check out Pixlr too…



Free Photography Software: A Guide | Popular Photography

Free Photography Software: A Guide | Popular Photography

Popular Photography

Popular Photography

High Voltage - Mike Hope

High Votage Twisted by Mike-Hope

If you are interested in some really good photo editing software for zero bucks Popular
Photography has some great suggestions. I have tried a few especially Windows Gallery,
which will open Canon RAW files, and Gimp, which is pretty powerfull. There are also some great online editors
that don’t need downloading. Great for when you are in a hurry or on someone elses computer. Photoshop
is one of them and gives some quick edits and filters.

I did this this one with a quick upload and distort in Photoshop Express. Easy!!
Give it a try!!

I also just tried out pixlr this is a great Instagram type fun and fast editor for applying very cool effects. You realy should try this and let me know what you think. The photo below was processed in pixlr.

Roxanna Hope in the Pub UK

A pixlr adjustment!

If you are looking for some cool FREE programs to edit you photos check out the link to Popular Photography

Vivien Maier – The Legend That Never Was

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I was just checking through some interesting articles on Street Photography when I came across a piece in the MessyNessy blog about a lady photographer

from Chicago that died recently at the age of 83 years. She apparantly was very private and never shown her photographs to anyone outside her family.  Luckily the negatives came up at an auction and were bought by an historical hobbyist, John Maloof. Well the results speak for themselves and the lady, Vivien Maier, is a street photography legend. You can find out more and check some of Vivien Maier’s great work on Messy Nessy’s blog

Vivien Maiers Photographs – The Legend That Never Was

There is now a fascinating documentary Finding Vivien Maier you can check out the official trailer on YouTube

Finding Vivien Maier – official Trailer

I am sure you will aggree this is fascinating stuff. The quality of the photographs are phenomenal!! Makes you long for the days when RollieFlex ruled and black and white was recording history (still in manufacture by the way)

File:Rolleiflex camera.jpg

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