Mike Hope’s Photo Web Has a New Look!

Hi everyone,

I have just finished saving a new look for my 500px photo site and thought you might like to take a look. I think it has a much raunchier look to it and I particularly like the background effects that come on from random photos. Let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by…

Mike Hope Photos

PS. this is still in Beta so it may have some quirks. Hope you like it.

Mike Hope



Vivien Maier – The Legend That Never Was

Hi All,

I was just checking through some interesting articles on Street Photography when I came across a piece in the MessyNessy blog about a lady photographer

from Chicago that died recently at the age of 83 years. She apparantly was very private and never shown her photographs to anyone outside her family.  Luckily the negatives came up at an auction and were bought by an historical hobbyist, John Maloof. Well the results speak for themselves and the lady, Vivien Maier, is a street photography legend. You can find out more and check some of Vivien Maier’s great work on Messy Nessy’s blog

Vivien Maiers Photographs – The Legend That Never Was

There is now a fascinating documentary Finding Vivien Maier you can check out the official trailer on YouTube

Finding Vivien Maier – official Trailer

I am sure you will aggree this is fascinating stuff. The quality of the photographs are phenomenal!! Makes you long for the days when RollieFlex ruled and black and white was recording history (still in manufacture by the way)

File:Rolleiflex camera.jpg

Thanks for stopping by,

Mike Hope