Old Analog Santa Monica Pier

This is a photo I took at Santa Monica Pier (see original below) and then re-worked to give an analog black and white vintage effect in TopazLabs.

Analog Pier by Vida Mike-Hope

Analog on the Pier by Mike-Hope

This is the original photo shot into the sun.


Original unprocessed photo

if you’d like to know more just let me know…

Thanks for taking a look.

Mike Hope


Redondo Beach Waterfront Revitalization

Hi all,

I was checking out the updated plans for the Redondo Beach Waterfront revitalization project and came across the official website that really gives a fantastic overview of the plan. When you look at the video and renderings, plus listen to the various Redondo Beach residents, business people, and council members, a convincing and exciting picture unfolds before you…


Take a look at the video and check the website for all the updated information…


This is going to be a fantastic revitalization of our waterfront.


This rendering looks from Kincaid’s direction toward where old Tony’s would have been and shows the proposed shops and restaurants along  the old walkway area above the rocks…

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New Images up on Behance


Under Hermosa Pier by Mike-Hope

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know I have some new black and white images on Behance.net and thought you mike like to take a look and let me know what you think, as this is seems to be a good show case for the new Sony A7Rii pics that I have taken recently. I trying to keep them all B&W for the moment but will probably add some color as I go along. I have to say I still love the camera and haven’t bought a dedicated Sony lens yet. Still saving!!

The other side of Behance is the Adobe site MyPortfolio which comes bundled with the Adobe Cloud subscription.


Thanks for taking a look…


Check out the latest photos…


Playing around on the beach this weekend with the Sony A7Rii and an old Canon 28mm FD f/2.8 manual focus. It really takes some nice shots, very clear if you get the focus right…

Hermosa Under Pier B&W 2 by Mike Hope

Hermosa Surfer under Pier by Mike-Hope


Hope you like it.

Hi all,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving… We were up in Sonoma for the weekend and I had a chance to get out and about with the new Sony A7Rii . I got a couple of shots in the Benziger Winery in Glen Ellen with an old Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L series and they came out quite well… I’ll post some more soon and thanks for taking a look!



Walk Your Bike!!

You’d better walk your bike if your passing by Manhattan Beach Pier!! Caught at the weekend and yes, I was walking my bike 🙂 Thought you might like it!!

Manhattan Police Motorcycle by Mike Hope

                                                  Manhattan Police Motorcycle by Mike Hope

Thank you for checking out my photos, appreciate it,

Mike Hope

Just Another Redondo Sunset

Hello all,

I was walking about on Redondo Pier a couple of Sundays ago and caught this as the sun was starting to get low in the sky just before sunset. It came out quite well and full of color. I was using the Canon 6D with the 24mm – 105mm f/4 lens. Thought you might like to take a look and let me know what you think…

Redondo Sunset by Mike Hope

Redondo Sunset by Mike Hope

Thanks for taking a look,

Mike Hope

Classic Car – Rods, Rides & Relics – Redondo Beach

Mike-Hope Classic (200)Mike-Hope Classic (199)Mike-Hope Classic (198)Mike-Hope Classic (197)Mike-Hope Classic (196)Mike-Hope Classic (195)
Mike-Hope Classic (194)Mike-Hope Classic (193)Mike-Hope Classic (192)Mike-Hope Classic (191)Mike-Hope Classic (190)Mike-Hope Classic (189)
Mike-Hope Classic (188)Mike-Hope Classic (187)Mike-Hope Classic (186)Mike-Hope Classic (185)Mike-Hope Classic (184)ClasicEdit-8318
Mike-Hope Classic (183)Mike-Hope Classic (182)Mike-Hope Classic (181)Mike-Hope Classic (180)Mike-Hope Classic (179)Mike-Hope Classic (178)

Classic Car, a set by Mike Hope on Flickr.

Some Classic Car shots taken on Redondo Beach Pier, Fishermans Warf, at the 10TH ANNUAL RODS, RIDES AND RELICS CLASSIC CAR SHOW ON THE PIER. September 22nd, 2013. I was using a wide angle lens and polarizer on the Canon 60D probably not a good combination. But hey, If I keep shooting hopefully I will get better right?

Mike Hope

Boardwalk Redondo – Mike Hope

Lou E Luey’s on the Boardwalk, Redondo Beach. This was the old banquet hall. Now closed. Took this last weekend with the Fujifilm X20 and post grunge HDR effect. UPDATE: Sold the Fuji X-20 for Canon EOS-M really like it! Interchangeable lenses and now faster with the firmware update. I am eyeing the Fujifilm XM-1 though as you can see from my last post

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