Mike-Hope New Site on VSCO

Hi all, take a look at this new site from VSCO I have posted some fun pics from my cell phone processed with VSCO film filters to give them that old film look. VSCO FILM actually makes professional filters for Lightroom “The gold standard of digital film emulation for Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw.” which I still have to try!! I have downloaded a free pack so I will let you know… I have also started a b&w upload and beach journal of a different take on the beach… It’s fun and it’s free. So if yo have an iPhone or android and enjoy photography you should really give it a go…


Mike-Hope on VSCO

Mike-Hope on VSCO


Just Another Redondo Sunset

Hello all,

I was walking about on Redondo Pier a couple of Sundays ago and caught this as the sun was starting to get low in the sky just before sunset. It came out quite well and full of color. I was using the Canon 6D with the 24mm – 105mm f/4 lens. Thought you might like to take a look and let me know what you think…

Redondo Sunset by Mike Hope

Redondo Sunset by Mike Hope

Thanks for taking a look,

Mike Hope

Sunset on the Pier

Hi all,

I wanted to share this vibrant sunset with you!

I reworked this a little and brought out the depth. Thought these iron and mess decorations on the pier made a nice foreground to the beautiful sunset!!  I caught this with the hand held Canon EOS-M with 22mm lens. Hope you like it!


Pier Sunset Sails by Mike-Hope

Pier Sunset Sails by Mike-Hope


Thanks for taking a look and enjoy a wonderful weekend!!

Mike Hope

Sunset Music Studio – New Location – Redondo Beach

Hi All,

I just wanted to tell you about a great place to learn all those musical skills you have always wanted to develop, Sunset Learning Studio This is a wonderful learning studios situated in Redondo Beach. The studios have been set up by two wonderful and talanted friends of mine who have created a community feel where learning to express your musical talents is not only fulfilling but full of fun too. From kindergarten to those of us who just want to express our creativity, Sunset Learning Studio has something for everyone!! I know I’ll be going there to brush up on piano or pick up where I left off with that guitar I have in the closet. Why not stop by or send off an email. You’ll be suprised at how just how affordable and fun it can be.

Here is a little about the founders Jan and Nicola,  from their web site Sunset Learning Studio. If you are looking for lessons check them out, the first lesson is FREE!!

Make sure to check out their new location…

South Redondo Location

1203 South PCH, Redondo Beach CA 90277

On the Pacific Coast Highway between Avenues D and E.  (Right next to Vicki’s Antiques)

Were the good people go!!

Sunset Learning Studio – Where learning is a pleasure!!


Sunset Learning Studios:

The Sunset Learning Studio was founded by South Bay musician, Dan Jenks.

After attending the University of Evansville as a trombone Performance Major, Dan toured the US for many years on the east coast as a multi-instumentalist (guitar, sax, flute, keys, and singer-songwriter).  As a freelance music arranger in New York City, he became hooked on studio recording.  Eighteen years ago, Dan moved to California and opened his private recording studio in Redondo Beach.  As a music producer, Dan has recorded, arranged and produced over 70 albums.

More recently, he opened the local and online music store called My Gear Guy (www.mygearguy.com) in the same business complex as his recording studio.  My Gear Guy continues to be a great source for music gear and technical advice for local musicians.

As a member of our music community, Dan saw a need for a special kind of music instruction in the South Bay.  Together with his wife, Nicola McGillicuddy, the Sunset Learning Studio has been created to offer music students an EXCEPTIONAL learning experience – right here, in the South Bay!

The Sunset Learning Studio offers private lessons and music classes in voice (vocals), guitar, drums, piano, bass, and music technology – including Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, Logic, Studio Recording, and Modern Music Production.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to tell Dan and Nicola that Mike let you know about their great studios…

Mike Hope

Classic Car – Rods, Rides & Relics – Redondo Beach

Mike-Hope Classic (200)Mike-Hope Classic (199)Mike-Hope Classic (198)Mike-Hope Classic (197)Mike-Hope Classic (196)Mike-Hope Classic (195)
Mike-Hope Classic (194)Mike-Hope Classic (193)Mike-Hope Classic (192)Mike-Hope Classic (191)Mike-Hope Classic (190)Mike-Hope Classic (189)
Mike-Hope Classic (188)Mike-Hope Classic (187)Mike-Hope Classic (186)Mike-Hope Classic (185)Mike-Hope Classic (184)ClasicEdit-8318
Mike-Hope Classic (183)Mike-Hope Classic (182)Mike-Hope Classic (181)Mike-Hope Classic (180)Mike-Hope Classic (179)Mike-Hope Classic (178)

Classic Car, a set by Mike Hope on Flickr.

Some Classic Car shots taken on Redondo Beach Pier, Fishermans Warf, at the 10TH ANNUAL RODS, RIDES AND RELICS CLASSIC CAR SHOW ON THE PIER. September 22nd, 2013. I was using a wide angle lens and polarizer on the Canon 60D probably not a good combination. But hey, If I keep shooting hopefully I will get better right?

Mike Hope

Redondo Harbor Drive Mosaic Wall Project

Now here is something on a much lighter note. I ride by here most weekends and have been watching the progress with interest. I think it is really great that people with so much talent are able to bring that little bit of joy into our lives and surroundings. The Redondo Harbor Drive Mosaic Wall Project…

Redondo Harbor Drive Mosaic Project

… is just one of them and the artists, Patrice Linnett and Deborah Collette, are working their magic on the wall.  If you havn’t seen it you should check it out.  Also, the steps on the Avenue of the Arts on Redondo Pier. I was amazed at this and  admire it everytime I walk or ride by. I stopped there the other day and took the picture below of my daughter Roxanna with the mosaic steps in the background.


Little Red Fire Truck – Mike Hope

Hi all,

Continuing on my Canon EOS-M try out… This was a photo I took when walking about the Redondo Beach Summer Festival in the Riviera. A great little fire truck – pedal car. Would have loved one of these when I was a kid!! This was taken with the Canon EOS-M, hand held with the 22mm F2 STM lens.

Mike Hope

Mike Hope’s Photo Web Has a New Look!

Hi everyone,

I have just finished saving a new look for my 500px photo site and thought you might like to take a look. I think it has a much raunchier look to it and I particularly like the background effects that come on from random photos. Let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by…

Mike Hope Photos

PS. this is still in Beta so it may have some quirks. Hope you like it.

Mike Hope


Redondo Beach Home Sales – March 2013

Redondo Beach Home Sales

Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach “A Great Place To Live”

Here are the home sales in our area for march 2013.  For more info or to see what’s selling in our area check out Cecily Lee’s web site at cecilylee.com 

March 2013 Townhome sales in our neighborhood

Beryl ST #2
1,240 2 3 1975 $515,000 11 3/26/13
203 N Lucia AV #3 1,795 2 3 1986 $550,000 12 3/21/13
N Juanita AV #2
1,351 2 2 1986 $571,800 21 3/15/13
S Guadalupe AV #D
1,300 2 3 1978 $585,000 8 3/14/13
230 S Helberta AV #B 1,800 3 4 2005 $795,000 43 3/29/13
110 5 Helberta AV #B 1,879 3 3 2012 $885,000 76 3/25/13

March 2013 Family Home sales in our neighborhood

129 N Lucia AV 925 2 2 1947 $660,000 38 3,719 3/20/13
730 N Maria AV 1,466 4 2 1950 $779,000 43 6,846 3/28/13
516 N Guadalupe AV 2,024 4 3 1999 $918,000 64 4,536 3/26/13
914 Garnet ST 2,219 4 3 2004 $1,125,000 0 3,224 3/21/13

Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Cecily Lee, Redondo Beach Realtor, Redondo Beach Homes for Sale and Redondo Beach CA Real Estate

Boardwalk Redondo – Mike Hope

Lou E Luey’s on the Boardwalk, Redondo Beach. This was the old banquet hall. Now closed. Took this last weekend with the Fujifilm X20 and post grunge HDR effect. UPDATE: Sold the Fuji X-20 for Canon EOS-M really like it! Interchangeable lenses and now faster with the firmware update. I am eyeing the Fujifilm XM-1 though as you can see from my last post

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