Old Analog Santa Monica Pier

This is a photo I took at Santa Monica Pier (see original below) and then re-worked to give an analog black and white vintage effect in TopazLabs.

Analog Pier by Vida Mike-Hope

Analog on the Pier by Mike-Hope

This is the original photo shot into the sun.


Original unprocessed photo

if you’d like to know more just let me know…

Thanks for taking a look.

Mike Hope


Roller Coaster Ride Photo by Mike Hope — National Geographic Your Shot

Taken on a hot afternoon walk around Santa Monica and the used B&W filter and dropped the red to give it pop!



Roller Coaster B&W by Mike-Hope


Source: Roller Coaster Ride Photo by Mike Hope — National Geographic Your Shot

The Old Fig Tree

Hi all,

I was in Santa Monica yesterday and caught this giant old Fig Tree. It was at the Fairmont Hotel on Wilshire near to Ocean. I thought for a moment there was a Howler monkey lurking in the branches. Can you see him? Thought you might like to take a look! Check it out on 500px too…


Old Fig by Mike-Hope

Old Fig Tree by Mike-Hope

Just for Fun!!

I was at the Brit Week  stands on Third Street Prom last weekend and had a blast!! The new Jaguar F-Type was on display and being a Brit couldn’t resist taking a closer look…

Having a ride in the new F-Type

Having a ride in the new F-Type


I didn’t actually go anywhere just blurred the background a bit in Photoshop and imagined I was driving up Pacific Coast Highway!! Jaguar is now owned by Tata Motors of India and it didn’t quite have the feel or finesse of the old Jags. It’s a shame to see all the old and famous names migrate across the oceans but that’s progress I suppose!! The starting price isn’t too bad and you can drive one off for 69 grand plus tax. No extras of course!!

Thanks again for taking a look…

Mike Hope

Santa Monica Parking

Hi all,

Hope you are having fun this weekend!! We went over to the Brit Week on Third Street Promanade in Santa Monica on Saturday. It was a lot of fun, then Third Street is always a lot of fun, with the activity and street performers, you can’t help having a good time! I shot a few photos and hopefully will upload some more soon. This one I shot on the way back to the car and just thought it was pretty funky!! What do you think?

Santa Monica Parking by Mike Hope

Santa Monica Parking by Mike Hope

Hope you like it!!

Mike Hope