Kubrick Exhibition

Stanley Krubick from Exhibit Photo - Mike HopeKubrick Exhibit Mike-HopeSinatra photo by Kubrick - Mike Hope2001Cam-7942Kubrick 2001Movie Cam-Mike Hope2001Cam-7896
2001Cam-7895EOS-M Dr Stranglelove -Mike Hope2001Cam-78862001Cam-78842001 Kubrick Exhibit - Mike HopeShelly Winters from Lolita
Directors Chair - Mike HopeKubrick Movie Posters Mike HopeFull Metal Jacket - Stanley Kubrick Exhibit PhotoCamera A Stanley Kubrick - Mike HopeFull Metal Jacket ClapClip Mike HopeClock Work Orange Naked Lady Mike Hope
Clock Work Orange Clapper Board - Mike HopeDave 2001 Embryo Model - Mike HopeA.I. AndroidRobot Sketch from Artificial Intellligence Mike-HopeShelly Winters Dress Rehersal-Lolita Mike-HopeStanley Kubrick Photo Stacked Mike-Hope

Kubrick , a set on taken by Mike Hope on Flickr.

Hi All,

I thought you might enjoy some photos I took at the Kubrick exhibition, LACMA, in Los Angeles. These were all taken with the Canon EOS-M, hand held, at the Kubrick exhibition LACMA Museum in Los Angeles. These were all low light no flash, using 22mm f/2 prime. So far I have not been able to do this with the SLR. And so portable too. Don’t even know you have it with you!!  Hope you like the slide show:-)

Mike Hope


2001 Kubrick Exhibit – Mike Hope

2001 Kubrick Exhibit by Mike-Hope
2001 Kubrick Exhibit, a photo by Mike-Hope on Flickr.

This picture I took of a mock up set of one of the final scenes from the 2001 Space Oddessy movie. It was a set that was up high in the exhibition hall in dark surroundings. I took this with the hand held Canon EOS-M with the 22mm lens. I think it is quite effective and gives a feel of real size space and time. Maybe the idea. It’s not what you see, it’s what you think you see!!

Mike Hope

Canon EOS-M Dr. Stranglelove – Mike Hope

Hi All,

I thought you might find this photo interesting. I took this at the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA in Los Angeles. This was taken into a small model of the command Center for the Dr. Strangelove movie. I took this hand held with the Canon EOS-M, 22mm lens, in very low light with no IS.  Slight Lightroom adjustment to bring out the maps.  So far I am having fun with the camera!!

Thanks for stopping by… Mike Hope

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