Computer Technology Review Blog – Darryl Llyod

A couple of good friends of mine, Darryl Llyod and his wife Judy Llyod, have just launched their new Computer Technology Blog. Darryl and Judy are a marketing communications firm that truly carry out some innovative and effective marketing campaigns. I worked with them for many years and their service was invaluable at getting our company maximum exposure in the Technology markets. Here is a snippet from their new site:

“Recently, Computer Technology Review invited Judy and Darryl Lloyd, of Darryl Lloyd, Inc., to begin a marketing blog for tech companies.  We are a small marketing communications firm, located near Los Angeles, and we’ve worked with many technology companies.  We thank CTR for this opportunity to present our viewpoints”.

Every tech company has a Website.  Why?  Bottom line, the people who run the company think a Website will help them make more money. read more…



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