Slant on the Pier Mike-Hope

Slant on the Pier Mike-Hope by Mike-Hope
Slant on the Pier Mike-Hope, a photo by Mike-Hope on Flickr.

Hi All,

Took this by the Manhattan Beach Pier last weekend. I was on a bike ride with my new Canon 6D (Gotta Luv it!!) and 24-105mm L series. Wow what a difference a full frame makes!! I was absolutely blown away with the depth of color and clarity!! I am really happy with the camera and am going to be experimenting with the different functions and lenses. Course it’s a whole different game now and I really have to save the pennies for those Canon lenses. Have to try some of the off market and bargains just for the fun of it. Just got the very reasonable 40mm Pancake and havn’t tried it yet. Better for street and portraits, so they say!! I will update you when I have a chance to try it out!!

Thanks again for taking a look and let me know what you think of the photo!!

Mike Hope


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