Monsters in the Bathroom, and Other Stuff

This is some pretty cool art work…

On Art and Aesthetics

Gergana Zmiicharova

The daughter of an art professor and former art critic at the National Gallery of Bulgaria, Gergana Zmiicharova, based in the city of Pernik, paints, clicks and acts. She had her first exhibition at the age of 16 and later studied at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts and the New Bulgarian University in Sofia.

As a theatre actress, she has performed in plays such as “Joan of Arc” and “Romeo and Juliet”. In the capacity of a painter, she likes creating bright and colourful psychological pieces. When into photography, she mostly explores literary narratives. “When I was younger,” she says, “the prevailing topics of my work (photography and fine arts both) wеre simple things like family, kids, everyday life, love. I used to do a lot of works based on fairytales, stories, songs. Now, I have probably became more mature. The main topics of my art are much…

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