One more on the pier…

Just one more… after sunset at Santa Monica Pier with the twilight behind the jetty and the big wheel from Pacific Park in the foreground.

Red Sunset by Mike-Hope

After the Sunset by Mike-Hope


Hope you like it!!


Old Analog Santa Monica Pier

This is a photo I took at Santa Monica Pier (see original below) and then re-worked to give an analog black and white vintage effect in TopazLabs.

Analog Pier by Vida Mike-Hope

Analog on the Pier by Mike-Hope

This is the original photo shot into the sun.


Original unprocessed photo

if you’d like to know more just let me know…

Thanks for taking a look.

Mike Hope

Vasquez Rocks – Aqua Dulce

Had a great trip out to Vasquez Rocks near Aqua Dulce last weekend. It was late afternoon but managed to get a few shots before the sun went down. It is definitely worth a trip.


Vasquez Rocks Vista by Mike-Hope


Vasquez Rocks  by Mike-Hope


Vasquez Rocks Sundown by Mike-Hope


Vasquez Rocks Sundown 2 by Mike-Hope


Vasquez Rocks Cloud Formation- by Mike-Hope


Vasquez Rocks Last light by Mike-Hope

Also, just down the road there is a Farm Sanctuary where you can visit for an hour or two and find out some very interesting, and sometimes disturbing, facts about the animals and how they arrived at the sanctuary. Definitely worth a visit and the folks at the sanctuary really do a great job in caring and looking after the animals.

Thanks for taking a look and have a great day out!!



Around the Peninsula – Palos Verdes

Hi all,

this MLK weekend was really clear and sunny in the South Bay area of LA, so I took the opportunity to get around the Palos Verdes Peninsula and try out a 24-70mm Sony GM lens, that I managed to get at a really good price. I took some shots of La Venta Inn and then drove around the coast ending up at the Point Vicente Interpretative – Whale watch Center.  Really a great place to visit and take a hike along the cliffs. Anyway I will post a few photos of the Sunday drive. Hope you like them.


La Venta Inn by Mike-Hope


Redondo and beyond from PV by Mike-Hope


House on the Hill – Via Del Monte by Mike-Hope

Redondo Beach Home Sales December 2107

Hi all,

It has been a while but here is the Redondo Beach home sales update for December 2017 in our area. If you would like more information on what your property may be worth or are considering buying or selling a home in the Redondo Beach area give Cecily Lee a call on 310-376-5673 or visit Cecily’s site at

Hermosa Sunset (3) 22nd St by Mike-Hope
December 2017 Townhome sales in our neighborhood

110 S Guadalupe Av #1 1601 2 1.5 1983 $895,000 6 14,183 12/01/17
224 S Helberta Av #C 2262 3 3 1990 $1,220,000 210 14,533 12/01/17
220 S Lucia Av #B 3186 4 3.5 1990 $1,380,000 9 7,380 12/14/17
207 S Irena Av #B 2500 4 3.5 2017 $1,525,000 98 6,560 12/20/17
207 S Irena Av #A 2500 4 3.5 2017 $1,557,500 40 12/12/17

December 2017 Single Family sales in our neighborhood

919 Emerald St 714 2 2 1923 $835,000 20 2,886 12/19/17
130 S Prospect Av 1,431 3 2 1952 $1,240,000 13 6,499 12/21/17
430 N Paulina Av 2,492 3 3 1959 $1,275,000 113 5,203 12/19/17

Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Cecily Lee,  Redondo Beach Realtor,  Redondo Beach Homes for

Sale and Redondo Beach CA Real Estate

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Black & White Photo Book

Hi all,

I just tried out Blurb to publish a photobook (Photographs by Mike-Hope) of some of my black and white shots. It is up on Blurb right now and thought you might like to take a look. I am going to publish it in tablet form too so it will be easier to review and download through Amazon (only if you like it of course). If you have any comments or any of the photos take your fancy let me know…

Mike-Hope Photography

The Black & White of it…

About the Book

Just travelling around over the past 8 years or so, snapping places and images of interest that I felt might look good in black and white, or near black and white as in some of the photos. A varied collection of some 72 pages that I hope you enjoy…


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Also available in the Amazon and Apple iTunes Store in Ebook and Apple iPad format