New Dawn 2 by Mike-Hope

Just uploaded a rework of New Dawn. Laid back relaxing down tempo track with ambient ocean and bird sounds. Sounds like you are on the edge of a tropical forest with the ocean near by. Hope you like it…




Big Band Beat (Mix)

I was messing around with some sounds and found an intro to an old Big Band recording I have, as well as a talking segment from legendary Xavier Cugat where he talks about the joy of bringing people together through music… I added it to the beat mix for this short segment. Hope you like it and I’m working on some extended versions with a Latin/Cuban flavor.


The picture was taken in the colorful town of La Boca, Buenos Ares, Argentina outside of a Tango Cafe

Thanks for taking a listen and if you like it share it 🙂



Aha – Best Infotainment App!!


I have been testing this app on my phone and through the new on screen Infotainment app in the new Mazda 6, 2016 Touring Edition. It works great and integrates well with the on board system. I can select my favorite stations from music, talk, news and create a list of favorites to access at anytime. Go to the online page for Aha at and choose from thousands of internet stations, genres and even talking books!! If you want some cool on board infotainment on you Mazda 6 Infotainment System then you should seriously consider this app. For me this is way better than Pandora as I have such a great selection of radio stations to choose from. What’s also cool about this app is it uses your location to serve up information on what’s around you, like restaurants, parks, hotels and gas stations. Not new but if you don’t have full nav installed this is definitely a plus!!



Thanks for taking a look and check out the Aha app


Mike Hope @ Weebly

Hi all,

I was looking around at good blog site set ups and came across weebly. This is a great alternative to wordpress if you want a lot of features and easy ad ins. I put together a site in around an hour as a test and can easily add content. The great thing is you can get a basic site up for FREE, how good is that. I really like the flow and ease of use and think you should take a look if your considering making your own blog. The site also allows easy upgrade for online store and a host of other options. Of course that’s not to say wordpress isn’t the best!!!

Thanks for checking it out,

Mike Hope 


Hi All,

I just wanted to share this with you if you are hankering after better quality audio to sooth your tired ears this might just be for you!!


This is from the CSM on Pono and I’m right there with em, well maybe not the Christian side but certainly I’m all for the HD music stuff!!!

“There’s never been a rock star more predictably unpredictable than Neil Young. Whatever your opinion of his music, the man has always followed his unique inner compass – often at his own expense – veering from feel-good folkie to angry political firebrand to raucous guitar strangler, sometimes over the course of consecutive albums. He’s truly an artist who dances to a different drummer.

Mr. Young’s burning passion these days is Pono, a Toblerone-shaped digital music player that attempts to turn back the clock to the glory days of high-fidelity sound reproduction.

Beginning with the arrival of CDs in the early 1980s up through today’s MP3s, audio recordings have been getting squashed and compressed so radically that sound engineers estimate we’re only getting about 5 percent of the sound recorded in the studio by the time we listen to a song through our earbuds”.

So get on down and check it out! I’ve had a sample and I really can’t go back. Don’t cheat your ears, let them be who they were made to be and get into the HD music revolution!! 

Thanks for listening,

Mike Hope