Aha – Best Infotainment App!!


I have been testing this app on my phone and through the new on screen Infotainment app in the new Mazda 6, 2016 Touring Edition. It works great and integrates well with the on board system. I can select my favorite stations from music, talk, news and create a list of favorites to access at anytime. Go to the online page for Aha at Aharadio.com and choose from thousands of internet stations, genres and even talking books!! If you want some cool on board infotainment on you Mazda 6 Infotainment System then you should seriously consider this app. For me this is way better than Pandora as I have such a great selection of radio stations to choose from. What’s also cool about this app is it uses your location to serve up information on what’s around you, like restaurants, parks, hotels and gas stations. Not new but if you don’t have full nav installed this is definitely a plus!!



Thanks for taking a look and check out the Aha app



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