Bluff Sunset by Mike-Hope

Just posted a new photo on the fineart america site It is a susnset comp taken on the Bluffs in Palos Verdes. I worked on the photo using Luminar and Adobe Lightroom I hope you enjoy it…

Sunset on the Bluffs by Mike-Hope

Let me know what you think.

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Palos Verdes and Beyond

I posted this great view from the top of Palos Verdes above the La Venta Inn. It was a little overcast but the shot came out super sharp with the Sony SEL 24-240mm lens. Really impressed with the quality this gives even hand held. This was a hand held shot taken on the Sony A7RII. If you can zoom in to 100% you can see the fine details. You can actually see the new SoFi Stadium in the distance.

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Holiday Surf…

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Hope you are all having a great holiday season.

I was walking off some of the Christmas goodies and getting some fresh air and a little exercise around Hermosa Beach. There was only a few surfers around the pier and not much of a swell but caught this shot before heading off  home. Hope you like it.


Catching the surf by Mike-Hope


Redondo Beach Waterfront Revitalization

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I was checking out the updated plans for the Redondo Beach Waterfront revitalization project and came across the official website that really gives a fantastic overview of the plan. When you look at the video and renderings, plus listen to the various Redondo Beach residents, business people, and council members, a convincing and exciting picture unfolds before you…


Take a look at the video and check the website for all the updated information…


This is going to be a fantastic revitalization of our waterfront.


This rendering looks from Kincaid’s direction toward where old Tony’s would have been and shows the proposed shops and restaurants along  the old walkway area above the rocks…

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Waiting for the Surf

A shot on windy day on Redondo Beach looking toward Torrance Beach into the sun, lots of spray and surf…

Waiting for the Surf

Waiting for the Surf by Mike Hope

I’ll be looking out for some more dramatic shots when the weather gets rough. I’m still pushing the Sony A7rii and this weekend I’m hoping to put the 24-240mm lens through it’s paces. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Hope you like it!


Stormy Day in Redondo Harbor

Stormy Redondo Harbor by Mike-Hope

Stormy Redondo Harbor by Mike-Hope

A very wet and windy day in Redondo Beach. Rushed down to the pier to get some quick shots. It was really quite dramatic with waves breaking over the rocks and wind howling through the wires on the railings. Quite dramatic. It was a lot of fun but the wind had a cutting edge to it and I did not have a jacket, so as soon as my camera battery ran out so did I!! Hope you like the picture…

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A walk on the Beach…

Just walking around on Hermosa Beach when the weather was a little less pleasant and left the beach a little empty, I grabbed a chance for this late afternoon shot with the new Sony A7Rii and an old Canon FD 28mm manual focus just topped it off with a few sailing boats enjoying the high breeze before  returning to Redondo King Harbor…

Happy Holidays…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!! Have a wonderful holiday season…


Manhattan Pier in Black and White by Mike-Hope. Still using the Sony A7Rii and loving it more each day. Saving up for some good Sony Zeiss lenses so still using an old Canon 24-70 hand held for these quick shots on the way home…

Here’s one I shot yesterday evening in color…


New Sony A7R ii Pics now up

Still loving this Sony A7R ii camera and have tried some old FD L series and 35 mm lenses on it. So far really good results…

Redondo Esplanade


B&W Pier

I just read an article on why not to move to Sony A7R ii… this was my reply:

Matt is right… (about Ken Rockwell) but so far I’m impressed with the Sony A7RiiOld FD L lenses and on board stabilization, works great and some cool apps!! Like trying new things, then this is good. Gives overall better performance than a Canon 6D with same Canon lenses including 24-70 mm and 17-35 mm and old Yashica, then I’m happy!! Not a professional but I like the results so far. I tried an old Canon FD L 100-300 mm with focus assist and was blown away with the hand held results I couldn’t achieve on the Canon. So I guess  it is what you’re happy with!!

UPDATE: I just found the APS-C/Super 35mm function that compensates for the smaller frame size of APS-C lenses and allows you to use them on the A7Rii. Woweee!! I was going to sell a 12mm wide angle but now comparing it with an L series Canon full frame 17mm – 40mm the 12mm APS-C gives a wider view and operates better (although manual focus) than the L Canon. Love it so far!! Oh, just incase you are interested I also compared the 35mm 1.8 Sony APS-C (around $449) with the Canon 40mm pancake full frame (about $129) and the Canon came out on tops and definitely a keeper. So I guess I’ll be selling the Sony 35mm.

Here’s a wide angle with the Rokinon 12mm APS-C used on the A7Rii. this was a low light off the cuff test where it actually gave more coverage that the Canon full frame 17mm -40mm L series

Wide Angle Tokina


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Michael Hope