New Sony A7R ii Pics now up

Still loving this Sony A7R ii camera and have tried some old FD L series and 35 mm lenses on it. So far really good results…

Redondo Esplanade


B&W Pier

I just read an article on why not to move to Sony A7R ii… this was my reply:

Matt is right… (about Ken Rockwell) but so far I’m impressed with the Sony A7RiiOld FD L lenses and on board stabilization, works great and some cool apps!! Like trying new things, then this is good. Gives overall better performance than a Canon 6D with same Canon lenses including 24-70 mm and 17-35 mm and old Yashica, then I’m happy!! Not a professional but I like the results so far. I tried an old Canon FD L 100-300 mm with focus assist and was blown away with the hand held results I couldn’t achieve on the Canon. So I guess  it is what you’re happy with!!

UPDATE: I just found the APS-C/Super 35mm function that compensates for the smaller frame size of APS-C lenses and allows you to use them on the A7Rii. Woweee!! I was going to sell a 12mm wide angle but now comparing it with an L series Canon full frame 17mm – 40mm the 12mm APS-C gives a wider view and operates better (although manual focus) than the L Canon. Love it so far!! Oh, just incase you are interested I also compared the 35mm 1.8 Sony APS-C (around $449) with the Canon 40mm pancake full frame (about $129) and the Canon came out on tops and definitely a keeper. So I guess I’ll be selling the Sony 35mm.

Here’s a wide angle with the Rokinon 12mm APS-C used on the A7Rii. this was a low light off the cuff test where it actually gave more coverage that the Canon full frame 17mm -40mm L series

Wide Angle Tokina


Thanks for taking a look,

Michael Hope


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