Grand Canyon Awakening

A Grand Canyon early morning shot just as the sun was coming over the east rim and reworked with filtered effect to enhance the mood. Hope you like it…


Grand Canyon Awakening by Mike-Hope

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Sun-up at the Grand Canyon Revisited

Hi all,

I know I posted the sun up photo in October last year but since then I just revisited some of the shots I took and found three shots in sequence with different shutter speeds from a slightly different angle than the first photo. I put them into Lightroom and used LR/Enfuse to blend them together. Then did a little work in Photoshop to bring out the depth. I have placed some small pictures of the individual shots before I processed them and you can see the difference with the final output. Thought you might like to take a look at how it came out!!

Bye the way, I was using my old Canon 60D and a rental Canon 24-105MM F/4 lens. I rented the Lens from a great place to try before you by and get the lowdown on all the equipment! One thing I really needed was a sturdy tripod and to remember to use mirror lock-up.


Grand Canyon Fx by Mike-Hope

Grand Canyon Sunrise by Mike-Hope




These are the shots with different exposures






Thanks again for taking a look and I appreciate the feedback!

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Grand Canyon – Helicopter Flight

mike-hope-1 (45)Mike Hope on the RimSunup Mike-HopeSunup2- Mike-HopeGrand Canyon Sunrise Mike-HopeSouth Rim Grand Canyon by Mike Hope
Grand Vista Mike-HopeSunsup Grand Canyon Mike-HopeSouth Rim2 Mike Hopemike-hope-1 (44)mike-hope-1 (43)mike-hope-1 (42)
mike-hope-1 (41)mike-hope-1 (40)mike-hope-1 (39)mike-hope-1 (38)mike-hope-1 (37)mike-hope-1 (36)
mike-hope-1 (35)mike-hope-1 (34)mike-hope-1 (33)mike-hope-1 (32)mike-hope-1 (31)mike-hope-1 (30)

Grand Canyon, a set on Flickr.

Well I finally got together some of the photos I took over the Grand Canyon from the heilcopter flight. It was a pretty amazing experience. I thought you might like to take a look and let me know what you think. I was using a 24mm-105mm Canon L series lens and even though we were rocking about a bit and the down draft from the rotors kept blowing the zoom back in still managed to take some reasonable shots. A couple of times, when leaning out of the window, I thought I was going to loose the camera and I’m pretty sure were wern’t going to land to pick it up.

Thanks again for taking a look!!

Mike Hope

Sun-up at the Grand Canyon

As I mentioned the Grand Canyon in my last post I thought I’d upload a picture I took from the rim early one morning just as the sun was rising (sounds like a song coming on). I am just getting the feel for some slow shutter speed work, long exsposure and bracketing. This was pretty low light and zoomed using the 24mm – 105mm Canon L series.  I took three shots at different exposures and then overlayed in post to give it dimension. I will keep practicing and the next shoot will be down by the ocean at Abalone Cove.

Sun up at Grand Canyon Mike-Hope by Mike Hope

Sun up at Grand Canyon Mike-Hope

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