Grand Canyon – Helicopter Flight

mike-hope-1 (45)Mike Hope on the RimSunup Mike-HopeSunup2- Mike-HopeGrand Canyon Sunrise Mike-HopeSouth Rim Grand Canyon by Mike Hope
Grand Vista Mike-HopeSunsup Grand Canyon Mike-HopeSouth Rim2 Mike Hopemike-hope-1 (44)mike-hope-1 (43)mike-hope-1 (42)
mike-hope-1 (41)mike-hope-1 (40)mike-hope-1 (39)mike-hope-1 (38)mike-hope-1 (37)mike-hope-1 (36)
mike-hope-1 (35)mike-hope-1 (34)mike-hope-1 (33)mike-hope-1 (32)mike-hope-1 (31)mike-hope-1 (30)

Grand Canyon, a set on Flickr.

Well I finally got together some of the photos I took over the Grand Canyon from the heilcopter flight. It was a pretty amazing experience. I thought you might like to take a look and let me know what you think. I was using a 24mm-105mm Canon L series lens and even though we were rocking about a bit and the down draft from the rotors kept blowing the zoom back in still managed to take some reasonable shots. A couple of times, when leaning out of the window, I thought I was going to loose the camera and I’m pretty sure were wern’t going to land to pick it up.

Thanks again for taking a look!!

Mike Hope


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