Oil Drilling in Hermosa Beach – What do you Think?

There is a campaign to lift the ban on oil drilling in Hermosa Beach. We are talking in the sand section close to residents homes on 6th Street and Valley.  Are they crazy!!!  What? It will make money for Hermosa Beach… Well why didn’t you tell us… step right up and drill away.  Just make sure to put some in my private account and the sand is all yours!! Seriously, they could just make it happen if there is not enough action to stop it.  It is on the 2014 Ballot so make sure you vote your conscience or this may be your beach!!

Keep Off Sign - Mike-Hope

The company E&B resourses comes out of Bakersfield where they have miles of nothing that they can turn into oily blight! What, is it not the right color or something. you need clean golden sands on a beautiful beach area to turn into your ugly, polluting and environmentally damaging waste ground. You know you wouldn’t be able to use that land for years to come whilst the contamination to the soil was cleaned up!!  Then, who pays for the clean up, when all this waste trickels down into the water table, under the sand and out into the ocean turning the sand into a sticky black mess?  Yep, first the marine life, dolphins, sea lions and fish, who have no say, then you and me…

So, having vented my piece what can we do??  The first step is check out…


Stop Hermosa Beach Oil.com. Follow on them on Facebook, Register to Vote , campaign your local representatives, make a noise and tell them you don’t want your beaches polluted by oil drilling, noise, construction and traffic!!

Don’t let your beach become like this!!

Thanks for letting me let of steam about this. It unfortunately happens in too many areas. This one in particular is in the center of a residentual area, on the sand section of Hermosa Beach next to the walking, running path that runs through a well lanscaped area, park like setting. There is no real argument that can be made for threatening peoples health, pushing down property values and blighting the landscape. Sometimes a City has to consider the alternatives to raising cash through promises of easy wealth. Hermosa is built on beach activities, local trade, tourism and the fun factor, take that away and what are you left with?  The picture below says it all…

Enter At Your Own Risk - Mike Hope


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